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Is Buying a Golf Course Profitable?

The golf industry has been in decline for over 10 years.  The number of rounds being played is going down, the number of courses open in the U.S. has decreased, and the average age of golfers has gone up.  Real estate developers that had once planned large master planned communities around golf courses have turned…

lifetime warranties

There is Money in the Lifetime Warranty

A number of companies provide lifetime warranties for their products.  Penny Hoarder made a list of 43, ranging from Vermont Teddy Bear to Jansport backpacks to Zippo lighters to Manduka yoga mats.  You need to look through the list and make sure it includes normal wear-and-tear and/or accidents, and not just manufacturers defects.  In addition…

guaranteed issue life insurance

Can Someone Buy Life Insurance When They Are Dying?

The last thing an insurance company wants to do is sell someone a life insurance policy and then only weeks or months later have to cut them a check for a large death benefit.  It is OK if it happens on a rare basis, but their business model is built on most people living for…

food trucks

Invest in a Food Truck instead of a Restaurant

Restaurants have extremely high failure rates, 23% in the first year according to Restaurant Startup & Growth magazine.  And the few restaurateurs who are extremely successful, can often obtain bank loans and use working capital from their existing operations rather than raising money from individual investors.  Outside investors that invest in restaurants are often willing…

boat shares

How to Make Money with Boat Shares

When people hear boat shares, they may think timeshares and run for the hills.  Timeshares are typically a horrible investment and some are so bad that you cannot deed them back to the seller or give them away.  With timeshares, you typically own one week out of the year of a particular hotel room.  You…

bourbon whiskey

Fortune Reports American Whiskey Is on Fire

Liquor revenues are growing like crazy, according to the Distilled Spirits Council.  The six year growth in super-premium whiskey revenue grew by almost 150%.  And the popularity of whiskey consumption has made rare collectible whiskey prices really take off.  Some Scotch and Japanese whiskeys are fetching $50,000 or more.  The thought is that the size…

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