backyard chickens

Can You Make Money with Backyard Chickens?

Backyard chickens have become increasingly popular in urban areas for many reasons.  They allow city and suburban dwellers to connect with the land like a farmer does, they provide fresh tasty eggs at no cost, and they become loved like other pets for some owners.  Having a dozen free eggs a week, however, may save…

bull semen

How Do You Invest in Bull Semen?

How is Bull Semen an Investment? Bull semen sounds like a bizarre investment, but it is an extremely valuable commodity in the dairy and cattle farming world.  To be precise, the way most people would invest in bull semen would be buying a bull that produces a lot of it.  So who the heck is…

Water Rights

How to Make a Killing Selling Water Rights

Water rights are a type of property right; specifically, it is the right of a land owner to use water from sources like streams, ponds, rivers, or groundwater.  Determining who owns water rights is country and state-specific.  Also, some area treat ground water and surface water in the same manner while others in different areas us different principles and…

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