A Nice 2 Months for Our Readers….BNNP Sale Announced at 47% Premium

On May 6th, with shares trading at $13.25, we wrote the article “Bank of Napa is Ripe for a Takeover“. On August 1st, Bank of Marin (NASDAQ: BMRC) announced they were buying Bank of Napa (OTCBB: BNNP) in a $51 million stock swap, which works out to $20.25 per share of BNNP. The match seems…

Bank of Napa

Bank of Napa (BNNP) is Ripe for Takeover

Despite its August 2006 founding  which came just prior to the financial crash (and right as the California real estate bubble started to burst), Bank of Napa is one of the real success stories among de novo banks of the last 15 years.  It is the only local bank headquartered in Napa Valley, a region with a…

de novo banks

De Novo Banks are Back & Looking for Investors

De novo banks are one of the more popular investments we follow.  Several factors give investors a level of confidence that they aren’t just throwing their money on a startup with little chance to succeed.  These include the high barriers to obtain a charter, the scrutiny of the FDIC, federal and/or state banking regulators, and the fact…

Bank of Napa

I invested $10,000 in 4 De Novo Banks – 10 Year Update

As a casual observer in the 1990’s and 2000’s, I noticed that banks always seem to buy smaller banks in order to grow.  Bank of America was the most notable example; before the NationsBank/Bank of America merger, there were dozens of other smaller mergers that grew the bank’s deposits and branch footprint.  Interstate banking had…

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