self-driving car

How Will Self-Driving Cars Affect Your Investments?

If and when self-driving cars become the norm, their effect on the economy and life in general will be enormous and far-reaching.  Since 90%+ of car accidents are caused by human error, there will be a huge immediate reduction in injuries, death, and property damage from fewer accidents.  The average commuter spends over 25 minutes…

insurance book of business

Can You Buy an Insurance Book of Business with No Money Down?

Insurance books of business can be extremely profitable assets.  In the property and casualty insurance industry, the agent of record for a policy receives a commission when a customer purchase the policy and each time they renew.  For instance, if someone renews their homeowners policy for one year, the agent who originally sold the policy…

Viatical Settlements

The 5 Biggest Risks of Investing in Viatical Settlements

When people think about diversifying into investments that aren’t tied to the stock market, viatical settlements are usually on that list.  Viatical settlements involve an investor purchasing the life insurance policy of some other random person they do not know.  The investor pays the policy owner money up front; they receive their original investment plus profit…

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