pedicab permit

Could a Pedicab Permit Eventually Be Worth More Than a Taxi Medallion?

New Your City taxi medallions appreciated for years and traded for over $1 million at their peak.  Other cities’ medallions weren’t worth nearly as much, but still were a great store of value and a great income generator for companies that owned them and leased them out to drivers, financed them, or sold them to other drivers…

pawn license

Are Pawn Licenses Valuable?

The pawn business is an extremely tough, hands-on business.  You are loaning money, often on jewelry, to people that often are only seeking out your services as a last resort.  You have a multitude of laws you have to deal with.  Politicians may accuse you of taking advantage of people, while your clients may try…


Can I Build a Billboard on My Property?

You may own land on a highway or busy street.  Whether the land is undeveloped or even has a building on it, you might have the perfect spot picked out to place a billboard.  Nearby billboards might be renting for thousands of dollars a month and you might even be able to price out what it…

Invest in Marijuana

5 Legal Ways to Invest in Marijuana

Want to invest in marijuana?  The marijuana business prevents enormous opportunities for an investor to take advantage of a 21st century gold rush.  While marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, several states have passed laws legalizing and heavily regulating marijuana for medical use.  A few like Colorado, Washington, and Alaska have expanded into allowing marijuana for recreational…

Legal Monopolies

Legal Monopolies – Invest in a Business with No Competition

Anyone who has spent time on Bourbon Street in New Orleans will notice the ubiquitous Lucky Dog hot dog carts that seem to be everywhere.  The other thing someone will notice is that there don’t seem to be any other hot dog carts…or any other kind of food cart vendors whatsoever…anywhere in the French Quarter.  There…

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