How to Make Money with Rent-a-Cows

This bizarre investment strategy involves helping landowners take advantage of lower tax rates available for agriculture.  In many places, land used for agricultural purposes is taxed at a lower rate than land that is used for residential or other forms of commercial uses.  A piece of vacant land at a prime commercial location near a…

church real estate

The Future of Churches and their Real Estate

Sitting in church this morning, I could not help but notice how old the average attendee was.  For every young person in their 30’s or 40’s, there seemed to be three or four in their 70’s or 80’s.  The median age seemed to be somewhere in the mid 60’s.  Church attendance definitely increases as people…


How to Get Cash Now for a Cell Phone Tower, Billboard or Other Lease

If you own commercial land, its possible someone might have contacted you about ground leasing part of your property for some other use.  These might include leases for billboards, cell towers, windmills, solar panels, underground fiber optic cables, driveway or other access, ice machine placement, or food truck or food vending parking.  If you work…


Can I Build a Billboard on My Property?

You may own land on a highway or busy street.  Whether the land is undeveloped or even has a building on it, you might have the perfect spot picked out to place a billboard.  Nearby billboards might be renting for thousands of dollars a month and you might even be able to price out what it…

Ice Vending Machine

How Much Money do Ice Vending Machines Make?

You might have seen one of the large ice vending machines out there offering a large amount of ice for a low price of $2.50 or less.  They are typically located on high traffic locations, perhaps next to a gas station, convenience store, or dollar store.  They are freestanding and allow someone to drive up and…

excess proceeds

Excess Proceeds – make money through foreclosure

Excess proceeds is the term used when a creditor is paid off such as the tax collector or a mortgage company, and there is still money left over.  In some states, these remaining funds are paid to the previous owner of the property.  There are basically two ways to make money through this strategy: Tax sale – in…

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