your own ETF

How to Start Your Own ETF

If you plan on investing a large chunk of money in a particular basket of stocks or bonds anyways, why not create an exchange traded fund (ETF) and make money by having other investors invest alongside you?  If you get enough outside money invested in your ETF, you could possibly turn your passive activity of…

dividend capture

Dividend Capture – Get Dividends Practically Every Day

The dividend capture strategy is one that has been employed for years by dividend junkies.  The idea is to only hold a stock long enough to get a dividend and then sell it and buy another stock and do the same thing over again.  While in theory the stock should go down by the amount…

Bank of Napa

I invested $10,000 in 4 De Novo Banks – 10 Year Update

As a casual observer in the 1990’s and 2000’s, I noticed that banks always seem to buy smaller banks in order to grow.  Bank of America was the most notable example; before the NationsBank/Bank of America merger, there were dozens of other smaller mergers that grew the bank’s deposits and branch footprint.  Interstate banking had…

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