self-driving car

How Will Self-Driving Cars Affect Your Investments?

If and when self-driving cars become the norm, their effect on the economy and life in general will be enormous and far-reaching.  Since 90%+ of car accidents are caused by human error, there will be a huge immediate reduction in injuries, death, and property damage from fewer accidents.  The average commuter spends over 25 minutes…

pedicab permit

Could a Pedicab Permit Eventually Be Worth More Than a Taxi Medallion?

New Your City taxi medallions appreciated for years and traded for over $1 million at their peak.  Other cities’ medallions weren’t worth nearly as much, but still were a great store of value and a great income generator for companies that owned them and leased them out to drivers, financed them, or sold them to other drivers…

Taxi Medallions

Are Taxi Medallions Doomed?

A quick overview…..many cities limit the number of taxis that are allowed to pick up customers and earn fares.  They do this by issuing a limited number of taxi medallions.  The medallions, typically mounted to the hood of your cab, give you permission to operate your cab business.  You own the medallion and can sell…