A Nice 2 Months for Our Readers….BNNP Sale Announced at 47% Premium

On May 6th, with shares trading at $13.25, we wrote the article “Bank of Napa is Ripe for a Takeover“. On August 1st, Bank of Marin (NASDAQ: BMRC) announced they were buying Bank of Napa (OTCBB: BNNP) in a $51 million stock swap, which works out to $20.25 per share of BNNP. The match seems…


How to Make Money with Rent-a-Cows

This bizarre investment strategy involves helping landowners take advantage of lower tax rates available for agriculture.  In many places, land used for agricultural purposes is taxed at a lower rate than land that is used for residential or other forms of commercial uses.  A piece of vacant land at a prime commercial location near a…

car sharing

Owning a Slingshot Just Got a Lot More Profitable

A Polaris Slingshot is an autocycle; it’s not quite a car and not quite a motorcycle.  It looks like something you would see in a Batman movie — it has a very sleek design and two wheels in the front and just one in the back (which is why some people call it a reverse…

self-driving car

How Will Self-Driving Cars Affect Your Investments?

If and when self-driving cars become the norm, their effect on the economy and life in general will be enormous and far-reaching.  Since 90%+ of car accidents are caused by human error, there will be a huge immediate reduction in injuries, death, and property damage from fewer accidents.  The average commuter spends over 25 minutes…

Property Wars

Property Wars’ Scott Menaged and the Fall of Densco

Property Wars was a somewhat popular TV show that ran for two seasons on the Discovery Channel.  It featured several Phoenix area property flippers that hung out in front of foreclosed houses as their bidders placed bids on properties at trustee sales downtown.  Like other property flipping shows, it seemed like they were constantly making easy…

pedicab permit

Could a Pedicab Permit Eventually Be Worth More Than a Taxi Medallion?

New Your City taxi medallions appreciated for years and traded for over $1 million at their peak.  Other cities’ medallions weren’t worth nearly as much, but still were a great store of value and a great income generator for companies that owned them and leased them out to drivers, financed them, or sold them to other drivers…

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