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Leveraged Real Estate ETFs – Can You Buy a Stock That Acts Like a Rental Property?

The Landlord Business One of the reasons that people invest directly in a rental property versus buying a REIT on the stock market is that they can use leverage. A […]

Are Parking Spaces a Good Investment?

What Makes a Good Investment To me, a good investment is something that either generates consistent cash flow or appreciates in value over time (or preferably both). Parking spaces are […]

Sandwich Leases – Can You Rent an Apartment and Sub-Lease it on Airbnb?

  Airbnb has become an extremely popular website for travelers looking to stay in someone else’s house or condo rather than a hotel.  It is also a popular way to […]

Buy a Tenant’s In-the-Money Purchase Option

  While options aren’t totally uncommon in something like a commercial real estate development, straight options are rare on houses.  They usually involve a tenant having the option to buy […]

How Can You Make Money with a Life Estate?

What Are Life Estates? It is rare to see a life estate sold in the U.S., although they are more common in European countries like Italy and France where it […]

Top 15 Real Estate Crowdfunding Websites – ranked by traffic

Ranking Methodology We looked at the 100+ real estate crowdfunding platforms out there and ranked them according to the amount of website traffic.  Our source is Alexa ranking, which is […]