De Novo Banks Small Business Stocks

I invested $10,000 in 4 De Novo Banks – 10 Year Update

  As a casual observer in the 1990’s and 2000’s, I noticed that banks always seem to buy smaller banks in order to grow.  Bank of America was the most notable example; before the NationsBank/Bank of America merger, there were dozens of other smaller mergers that grew the bank’s deposits and branch footprint.  Interstate banking […]

Gift Cards

How I Flipped $500 Worth of Gift Cards on eBay

It is Difficult but Possible to Flip Gift Cards on eBay A lot of people use eBay to turn gift cards they were given (but don’t want) into real money. To the gift recipient, it is “found money” or “free money,” but that doesn’t make it a profitable investment. Can you buy gift cards (at […]

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