Traditional vs. Alternative Investments

You have heard of investing your money in traditional asset classes like stocks, bonds, real estate, and cash……but what about alternative assets like tax liens, water rights, Scotch whisky, niche websites, or de novo banks?

There are literally hundreds of off-the-beaten path ways to invest your money, and no list can cover them all.  These aren’t just part-time jobs or side hustles, but alternative investments or non-full-time business opportunities that require some type of upfront capital.

And the vast majority of these investment opportunities are not just accessible by hedge funds, private equity funds, or high net worth investors — they are available to ordinary investors like you.

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The List of Unusual Investments

Our list of Unusual Investments is constantly growing and is currently up to 150.  Some of the unusual investments we cover include:

1. Active Bets – buy someone else’s sport bet that is in-the-money or has a pretty good chance at winning for less than it would cost to place the same exact bet with the casino or sports book.  At the right price, gambling starts to make sense even when paying the house their “juice.”

Let’s says someone picked a long shot Major League Baseball team at the beginning of the season to win the World Series.  That team has made it through the regular season and playoffs and is now one of the 2 teams playing in the World Series.

The person who made that bet might be willing to sell it to another investor so they can lock in some profits and eliminate the risk of that team losing.

Active Bets - baseball World Series
A batter awaits the pitch at the World Series

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