Get Paid by Market Force to Eat Fast Food


Market Force Information LLC is a company that pays you to eat at a restaurant, shop at a retail store, or visit a recreational business like mini-golf (all of these are called “shops”).  They are what people call a provider of “mystery shoppers” for businesses.   Businesses hire Market Force as a way to check up on individual stores.  If you eat at a restaurant, they typically pay a fee that covers the cost of your meal up to a certain dollar amount (save your receipt).

How to Join the Field Force

You can join the Field Force and start making money that same day.  It is as simple as visiting the website and signing up.  They will ask you for basic contact information, employment history, demographic information, additional information like what languages you speak and whether your rent or own your home.  Additionally, they will ask for your payment details so that they direct deposit money to your account once you complete a shop.

Once you join the Field Force, you can start looking for shops right away.  However, not all shops are available for that same day.  If you don’t filter by day, you might find shops that you can claim that are 3-4 weeks out.

Why Did I Choose Fast Food

If you live in a major metro area, there are probably 200+ shopping opportunities available at any given time.  To prevent being overwhelmed, instead of just clicking “find shops” you should probably click the “add/edit search profiles” subheading and then zero in on a particular category like restaurants, audit-photo required, gas station, or fast food.

The main reason I prefer fast food is that any restaurant fancier than fast food is going to require a larger commitment of time, and many of the shopping assignments seem awkward in that you need to take a lot of photos or interact with the employees on site.

Going into a convenience store and then taking 8-12 photos of the nicotine products, followed by answering a lot of questions for a $10 fee does not appeal to everyone.  In fact, in some situations it might cause store employees or other shoppers to say something to you and question what you are doing.

One of the largest shop fees available was $30 for going into an H&R Block store and telling them you wanted to apply for an Emerald Advance line of credit.  It’s not clear to me if you had to actually apply or just procure the documents.  Regardless, that is definitely not something most people would ever want to even consider.

Fast food shops generally just require eating at the restaurant, keeping the receipt and then answering a lot of questions.  There was a Five Guys shop available near me and they offered to compensate the cost of the meal (up to $15) plus an additional $12 shop fee.

Which Fast Food Companies are Using Market Force?

The fast food options that were available in my area were Five Guys Burgers & Fries, Sonic, and Raising Cane’s.  Other markets may have different fast food options available.  The ones that were available typically had 10 or more locations that you could visit.  A particular shop is always linked to a particular address, so the location may or may not be near you.

Also, there is often a specific window of time when you must visit, such as 11am to 2pm, after 6pm, etc.

What Are the Questions Like?

You need to review the questions before you go into the restaurant.  There are just too many to remember.  Not only do they ask about things like food quality and whether the order taker greeted you when you approached the cash register, they are many other specific questions you may not think of.

For instance, they want to know the gender, approximate height, hair color, ethnicity, beard/mustache status, shirt color and glasses status of the person you took your order.  They wanted you to confirm that the burger was visually being cooked by a particular process and whether certain crew members were all wearing gloves.  They wanted to know if the manager was huddling with employees and if he was talking on the phone.

Answers to all the questions need to be answered online and a picture of the receipt needs to be uploaded after the shop.  Don’t accidentally throw away your receipt or you will have to fish it out of the garbage if you want to get paid!

How Long Does it Take to Get Paid?

For a shop that was completed on September 15, a direct deposit was made into my checking account on October 15.  It included the cost of the meal, plus a $12 shop fee.  Keep in mind that if you exceed the actual purchase reimbursement limit, then you are going to make a smaller profit.

Could You Do this Every Day?

It is possible, but the biggest constraints include: there aren’t that many different restaurants to choose from, there aren’t necessarily healthy options to order at these restaurants since they typically want you to order a specific item or items, and you might have to reserve shops well in advance as there are not always same-day shops available when you go to look.

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