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Should I Invest in an Allstate Insurance Agency? [2023]

  We’ve previously covered the small business opportunity to purchase or start an Allstate insurance agency.  Unlike other national brands such as McDonald’s, UPS Store, Ace Hardware, 7-Eleven, etc., you don’t actually have to pay a franchise fee.  You just need to be approved, show adequate amounts of liquid reserves (typically $100,000), and complete a […]


Insiders Guide to Earning a Golf Scholarship

  Many parents put off saving money for their child’s college education, and instead “invest” their money in their child’s development as an athlete in an Olympic sport like golf, tennis, baseball, soccer, or volleyball in the hopes of earning a scholarship. While this article is catered toward the wannabe college golfer, a lot of […]


Do Luxury Watches Make Good Investments?

Luxury watches are designed to be worn, collected, and enjoyed. However, while they were originally created as functional items, high-end timepieces also have the ability to appreciate over time and thus serve as investments. We live in a world where the term “investment” can describe anything from traditional assets like stocks and real estate to […]

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