Poker Entry Fees

[Poker Entry Fees] Anyone Could Have Replied to this Twitter Post, and Turned $60 into $40,750

  Poker Entry Fees are one of the more bizarre investments we cover.  The basic idea is you help cover someone’s entry fee and they pay you a share of the winnings.  For the World Series of Poker, that amount is $10,000.  Usually it is covered by just a few investors each paying $1000 or […]

De Novo Banks

A Nice 2 Months for Our Readers….BNNP Sale Announced at 47% Premium

  On May 6th, with shares trading at $13.25, we wrote the article “Bank of Napa is Ripe for a Takeover“. On August 1st, Bank of Marin (NASDAQ: BMRC) announced they were buying Bank of Napa (OTCBB: BNNP) in a $51 million stock swap, which works out to $20.25 per share of BNNP. The match […]

Raw Land Real Estate Rent-a-Cows

How to Make Money with Rent-a-Cows

  This bizarre investment strategy involves helping landowners take advantage of lower tax rates available for agriculture.  In many places, land used for agricultural purposes is taxed at a lower rate than land that is used for residential or other forms of commercial uses.  A piece of vacant land at a prime commercial location near […]

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