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Could a Pedicab Permit Eventually Be Worth More Than a Taxi Medallion?

  New Your City taxi medallions appreciated for years and traded for over $1 million at their peak.  Other cities’ medallions weren’t worth nearly as much, but still were a great store of value and a great income generator for companies that owned them and leased them out to drivers, financed them, or sold them to other […]

De Novo Banks

Bank of Napa (BNNP) is Ripe for Takeover

  Despite its August 2006 founding  which came just prior to the financial crash (and right as the California real estate bubble started to burst), Bank of Napa is one of the real success stories among de novo banks of the last 15 years.  It is the only local bank headquartered in Napa Valley, a region with […]

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Churches for Lease

  When I listed a former Orkin Pest Control building for sale on the south side of Atlanta, Georgia, I was surprised at the high level of demand from churches.  A majority of the calls were from ministers looking to start a church.  They were looking for a lease or lease option.  None of them had […]

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