You Don’t Have to Be in a Wreck to Get a Check

  Litigation Finance is a type of investment that many people did not know existed. When a Plaintiff has been wronged by another party, they might seek financial compensation by suing that other party.  However, there might be significant legal and other fees (expert testimony, depositions, administrative, travel costs, etc.) that are incurred up front […]

Mortgages and Notes Pool Service Routes

Finance a Pool Service Route

A Pool Service Route is Valuable When someone wants to quit the pool service business, they don’t just hand it off to a young apprentice and send them on their way.  They sell it.  Pool service routes are valuable commodities.  There are a variety of brokers that sell pool service businesses, some of the limited […]

Collectibles Forever Stamps

Does it Ever Make Sense to Invest in Forever Stamps?

  Not If You Expect Your Investment to Beat Inflation The short answer is “No,” it doesn’t really make sense to invest in Forever Stamps and here is why.  Even though it seems like the price of stamps goes up all the time, it actually cannot go up beyond the rate of inflation.  This is […]

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