Daily Fantasy Sports Sports

DFS is a Fantastic Investment

  Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) operators FanDuel and DraftKings have been in the news non-stop lately about particular states calling them illegal gambling and attempting to shut them down.  The Attorney General of New York has already called them illegal and is battling the sites in court in order to shut them down.  Just yesterday, […]

Taxi Medallions

Are Taxi Medallions Doomed?

  A quick overview…..many cities limit the number of taxis that are allowed to pick up customers and earn fares.  They do this by issuing a limited number of taxi medallions.  The medallions, typically mounted to the hood of your cab, give you permission to operate your cab business.  You own the medallion and can […]

Domain Names Internet

Exact Match Domain Names Can’t Beat Amazon By Themselves

  The story From an Exact Match Domain Name to a Working Website Back in 1998, I started registering domain names.  I bought and sold a few different domain names over the years with names like,, a few different 4 digit domain names, and various names that were followed by realty or […]

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