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Who Will Root for the Los Angeles Chargers?

  Chargers owner Dean Spanos is a complete and total disgrace.  By respectable media outlets, he has been called a “coward“, a “villain“, the “masturbating security guard of NFL owners“. […]

How to Make Money Investing in Racehorses

  Upfront Cost and Upkeep If you want to buy a unproven racehorse outright, the initial horse cost is often manageable; websites list a wide variety of racehorses that are […]

You Can Get Paid Early by Selling Your Active Bet

  In 2014, Auburn fan Mark Skiba was holding a $100 bet placed at 500 to 1 odds on Auburn to win the College Football National Championship.  Unexpectedly, Auburn had […]

DFS is a Fantastic Investment

  Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) operators FanDuel and DraftKings have been in the news non-stop lately about particular states calling them illegal gambling and attempting to shut them down.  The […]